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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Husband Jeremey and I take our kids to ALOT of wrestling tournaments! Sometimes 2 tourneys a weekend. My daughter is a wrestler as I have stated before in earlier posts along with my son.
I had the pleasure and opportunity this year to make the wrestlers their shirts.
Here are some designs I made for my kids that I sold at the Charger Youth AAU Tourney.

 Here are my two wrestlers. Dani got first in Fort Pierre this year and Sebastian got second!
Whoo Hooo
Way to go kids!!!
My son Christian loves posing for pictures!
His shirt says
Go ahead Push me around
But you ought to know
My Sister
Is the Biggest Baddest Wrestler in town
This Tournament was in Highmore this year!
They both got 1st place there!
Sebastian is wearing a Sully Buttes Athletics shirt I designed.
This is my son Sebastian. This picture was taken at the Onida Mini Charger Tourney.
He placed second in this tourney!
Good Job Son!
The Shirt he is wearing in this picture is the design I made for the wrestling team.
I was pretty excited to make my first big run of shirt!
This is the sign I made for the Mini Charger Youth Tourney, this picture is before I got all the names of the sponsors added to it!
The response we had for sponsors was AMAZING!
Thank you to all the businesses in Onida that helped make our tourney possible!