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Friday, December 23, 2011

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust

Tinker Bell

Brock's Butcher Block

My friends Brock and Jackie Aspelin own Brock's Butcher Block in Onida S.D.
They needed some sweatshirts and T-shirts for Christmas presents this year. With some help from their daughter Kira, we got a design they settled on and got them made just in time!

Dancing is Dreaming with your feet!

This art is over 4 feet tall, I made this for a local woman whose daughter is in ballet!


Ask my husband what he loves about me? He will say my passion... He says everything I do, I do with passion. I made this wall art for his office on his birthday! To remind me what has been done with passion.
As he is a very passionate man in whatever he does!

My Incredible family! Made these shirts and masks for our family for Halloween! It was a fun activity for us to trick or treat together.

Our Tree

Our family tree which was made by me, put on by my hubby and new flowers are added every once in a while by my kids. It has been a very neat project for us to do as a family!
My living room wall, my husband decorated for me while I was at a friends house. What a pleasant surprise when I got home and seen our saying on our wall! He always know how to make me feel loved!

My Friend, my lover, my soul mate! You my dear are my everything!

My husband enjoys making me wall words and has just as much fun putting them up for me!
This one was so special to my heart, as we can have fun just hanging out together doing the simple things.

Go Sully Buttes Chargers

Made this for my friend Tina!
Go Chargers!


I have an Amazing Friend, her name is Alexis and I made these panties for her! They say Be You tiful, it was a fun project, I had never made intimate wear before. Thanks for being you Girl!
I decided I loved the logo and made her a shirt to match!

The Golden Hammer Award

My mother works at Ethan Coop Lumber and every year at her Christmas Party they give an award out to the person who has had the most accidents and its called the Golden Hammer Award.
I made these shirts for the Lumber Yard.

Wrestling time again this year!

My two older kids are both wrestlers, my son is 11 and my daughter (yes my baby girl) who is 7 has been on the team since she was 3. Her first year she beat every boy she wrestled. She makes her Momma proud.
She is the only girl on her team and does very well and holds her own. My son is a hell of a wrestler and when he wrestles he puts his heart into it. They have both made it to South Dakota State AAU wrestling championships in previous years. Here is a shirt I made for a local Sully Buttes Wrestler, what an awesome idea he had for this one.

Christmas Came so fast this year!

Its hard to believe that my family and I are traveling home for Christmas already. We were blessed with 3 additions to our family this year. Jeremeys brother had a baby (Oliver) and my cousins April and Amy had Arabella and Mason. My kids have grown a foot I swear. Little Christian is a handful and I am telling you the terrible twos have nothing on him. Terrible threes is more like it. We had to replace our big screen tv this past week as he threw a cereal bowl thru the living room one. His daddy was not too happy and neither was I.
I was busy busy the past couple weeks getting last minute orders for wall words, car decals and t-shirts/sweatshirts out to customers.
I had the pleasure of doing my first big truck decal job for CHS in Onida SD here are a few pictures of the work I did. I was pretty happy with it!
The Boys that worked there requested a Texas Longhorns decal for the Semi Truck. My first Texas Longhorns  decal as I usually am making Minnesota VIkings deals for my family.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night before Christmas - Parade of Lights - Onida - Go Sully Buttes Chargers!

I got the pleasure of helping my wife decorate her float for the annual parade of lights during the Twas the night before Christmas celebration that was held in Onida Friday the Dec 2nd.

 Here is a picture of the sign that she made for Signs on a Dime and Mavericks Rentals who she did a float with.  The basic concept her was Big Vinyl Wall Words and their theme for the float they did was "Have A Charger Christmas".  Also on the float was a Decorated Christmas Tree, a Mule.  The float was driven by a Mavericks which was displaying a new banner that Signs on the Dime made which advertised their services of snowmobile delivery/rental in the Black Hills Area.

Their float handed out some products that Sherry does; Charger Coasters, and various Go Charger Signs/Decals/Stickers.  Some that would be perfect for a bummer sticker, window decal, or even in some young ones rooms to show support for our very own Sully Buttes Chargers.

During the celebration event there was also a craft show where my wife displayed some of the following products that she has for sale (take a look at the pictures below).

Go Chargers Stickers
Shirt Designed by our 3 year old
various stickers and vinyl wall words/decals

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Past and Present Designs by Me!

Check out some of our Designs below!!

Made this design for Mr Earl Fanger! Hope you liked your sweatshirts Earl!

My BFF Tina has this sweater that matches my own, since we both have little ones in sports... I thought it fit perfectly!
Here are my two older children. Dani and Sebastian... this was Disney day at school so we decided that they would be Violet and Dash from the movie the incredibles.

Made these for the K-6 Students at the kids school for the Homecoming Parade! We beat em that night!

Made both these shirts for Sebastian and Dani for Homecoming week! Purple and Gold Day!

Above is a T Shirt I designed for the Sully Buttes Volley Ball game for Breast Cancer Awareness Night!